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See why these vegan PU leather totes are quickly becoming a better option than expensive leather totes.

  • 100% Vegan PU leather
  • No cruelty
  • Unique and rare
  • Exclusive yet affordable
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What we are

It all started with one word in mind, exclusivity. ToteGameTight was created for those hardworking beautiful women who strive to be different and embrace their uniqueness. We are all amazing people striving towards being the best versions of ourselves. It's ok to be different, just as it is ok to stand out and it's definitely ok to be "uniquely you"!  Our collections feature totes made from Vegan Leather meaning no animals were harmed in the making our our products. We want to help people feel and look amazing with zero guilt and most importantly, at an affordable price. Our totes make that possibility a reality.  No matter what you have to do or where you have to go, ToteGameTight is perfect for you. Be exclusive!